To use an objective, validated risk assessment tool in conjunction with screening and verification processes on all in-custody defendants prior to
initial appearance.

To directly access Department of Public Safety criminal history information regarding each in-custody defendant under consideration for release prior to initial appearance.

To appropriately consider the purpose of bail and the constitutional guarantees afforded the accused when recommending conditions or combinations of conditions designed to ensure appearance while reducing risk of re-offense for all in-custody defendants.

To provide objective, comprehensive information to the court, prosecution, and defense regarding each in-custody defendant for use in the
bail determination.

To recommend the least restrictive bail sufficient to ensure the appearance of the defendant at court, reduce the risk of recidivism while awaiting disposition of the case, enhance public safety and promote the integrity of the judicial process.

To provide effective community supervision and monitoring of court ordered conditions of release for all eligible defendants.

To reduce recidivism and promote appearance by collaborating effectively with community based resources for treatment, education, employment
and housing.